Barcode Registration services in Thailand

Barcode Registration service in Thailand

We offer professional Barcode Registration services in Thailand to those brand owners who wants to add the barcode for their inventory and retail distribution purpose. The Barcode Registry is intended to help companies easily and fast take their products to market.

The barcode with your product information will be registered with GS1 Thailand platform, which is a part of Global GS1 Standard. Applying for GS1 Barcode, can ensure that your barcodes will be accepted by most of retailers and distributors all over the world.

Is Barcode Registration in Thailand necessary?

Are you a business owner and planning to launch a new product, and sale it in Thailand? Most of major retailers and distributors in Thailand will require you to have a Barcode for inventory and sales records purposes.

The barcode become a standard component of a retail products label, and with the information embedded in the barcode your product can be easily identified and tracked.

By having your product label with a barcode on it, you can simply scan it and get all related information from the database, rather than rely on a physical product identification. The barcode is saving the time and money, and also lowering the chance of human mistake.

Barcode Inventory in Thailand

Having the incorrect information in your supply chain or business operation can cost for business additional operating expenses and loss. The accurate information is one of most valuable assets of the barcode implementation.

An excellent example of this is labeling a skincare product with the barcode, as those product may have many different variations (package size, active substance etc.). A barcode label is attached to the finished product while it is in inventory, and when the time comes to shipping, the barcode scanned. The information received from the barcode will ensure that the right item is being picked and shipped to the correct customer.

What is GS1 Barcode Standard?

GS1 Barcodes Example

GS1 Barcode Standards are developed for better efficiency of the supply chain and business operation automation, such as logistic and inventory management.

Introduced in 1793 in The USA, currently GS1 Standard supported in over than 100 countries around the world, and has been implemented in more than 1.5 million companies in total.

Implementation of the GS1 Standard in your business will help in meeting the requirement of major retailers and distributors in the market.

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