Clinical Testing for Skincare and Cosmetics in Thailand

Clinical Test for Skincare and Cosmetics in Thailand

Our laboratory is offering a full range of Clinical Testing, Inspection and Certification of the skincare and cosmetic products for Cosmetic manufacturers, Brand owners and Retailers in Thailand.

Utilizing the latest technologies, our qualified staff have implemented new methods of evaluation the skincare and cosmetic products, to support you in developing the safe and high quality products and fully meet the diversity of the end user’s expectations.

About our Clinical Trials Center

Our Clinical Trials Center was established to bring the quality of skincare and cosmetic products marketed in Thailand to a significantly new level. We are assisting OEM Cosmetic Manufacturers, Brand Owners and Retailers countywide.

We have successfully helped a number of foreign brand owners, to prove the safety and properties of their skincare and cosmetic products in accordance with Thai Cosmetics Law, so they could successfully enter Thai market and distribute the products.

Our studies are conducted according to Thai Cosmetics Regulations and also meet all international standards. We carry out trials under ethical and respectful conditions. To ensure the accuracy and best fit your product’s specific, we use a number of criteria to select volunteers from our database.

The Variety of Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Center for Skincare and Cosmetics in Thailand. Evaluation and proof of cosmetic and skincare products performances and properties, acting as the best marketing tool for the success and respect of the brand. We offer all types of Laboratory Testing for Skincare and Cosmetics products: Viscosity Testing, pH Measurement, Microbiological Testing, Leak Testing, Efficacy Testing, Stability and Compatibility Testing.


Viscosity Testing

Is essential to maintain the quality of your product in its every batch.


pH Testing

Ensures that the product is safe and suit with the skin.

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Stability Testing

To ensure products safety, quality and properties.

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Compatibility Testing

To ensure products safety, quality and properties.


Microbiological Testing

Essential to define the presence of microorganisms.

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Leak Testing

To ensure the quality of packaging, prove that there is no air can leak in.

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Efficacy Testing

To determine the efficacy of the cosmetic products.


Irritation Testing

To determine possible irritation caused by the cosmetic products.

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