Distribution Support in Thailand

Distribution Support services in Thailand

Our experts will assist you with immediate access to Thailand and Southeast Asian markets through our predefined operating models. Build your operational partnership with local providers, follow local standards, best practices and trade in line with legal obligations.

Our team is able to support you in placing your products in the shelf and take care of the document process required for selling your product in Thailand. Connect your business to E-Commerce distribution platform and a large number of Modern Trade channels.

Our Business Solutions

We offer the following solutions for to make your business in Thailand operating successfully.

Sales Channel Consulting

1. Sales Channel Consulting

Sales channel consulting, including Modern and Traditional trade in Thailand, and Online sales via E-Commerce marketplace systems.

Micro-Influencer Review Service in Thailand

2. Micro-Influencer Review

Professional review from Thai micro-influencer to promote your products and create awareness and credibility of the brand.

Product Storage and Products Delivery services

3. Product Storage and Delivery

Product Storage and Products Delivery services (Fulfillment service), with a customer data reporting system.

Distributor Management System DMS

4. Distributor Management System

Distributor Management System (DMS) is an Affiliate System, designed to prevent the occurrence of price cuts or price wars on the market.

What is Modern Trade distribution?

Business trends in the operation form of a Modern Trade, that has continuously increase its growth rates, as it varying according to business concepts and target groups. Modern Trade supposes a more planned and organized approach to distribution and logistic management.

Distributor Channels is the key feature, which is particularly useful for the cosmetic brands owner. Even the good quality products with interesting image and wide promotion campaign, but with a lack of selling channels, will certainly result in loss of sales opportunities or unprofitable investments.

Modern Trade distribution support in Thailand

Sales via Modern Trade will help you to distribute your products more toward consumer groups, with professional sales management at convenient locations to save time for customers, as well as assistance with successful marketing and promotional campaigns.

Build the successful cooperation with the leading retail chains in Thailand

Our team is able to support you in placing your products in the shelf and take care of the document process required for selling your product in Thailand.

Watsons - Retail Chain in Thailand


Watsons is a beauty and health retailer with more than 500 stores located countrywide.

Sell your products in EveAndBoy Thailand


The Ultimate Cosmetics & Fragrances Shop. The Beauty Stores chain, which has the official partnership with world-class cosmetics and perfume brands. Selling all types of beauty products.

eVogue - place your product in online store in Thailand


eVOGUE is one the leading online beauty marketplace platform in Thailand, with an innovative sales and management approach.

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