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Thai FDA Registration services

FDA approval is required in Thailand, in case you want to manufacture or import skincare products in the country.

For many years our company has successfully assist a large number of international customers with the legal and business matters, including FDA registration in Thailand.

We provide professional FDA Registration services for skincare products, as the first step of expanding your business to Thailand market.

How to import skincare products in Thailand?

Thailand FDA law has a clear procedure to follow, depending on the product type that is being imported. Generally, importers need to provide detailed information about the company, description and photos of the manufacturing facility, and evidence of meeting Thai law requirements to manufacturing standards.

When exporting your products into Thailand, need to make sure that the product has been produced according to Thailand’s law and have a registration into cosmetic database, because the selling of all kinds of skincare product in Thailand requires registration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Apply for Thai FDA registration

Additionally, in the case of importing cosmetics, the labels must be translated into Thai language. Our experts team will support you with product description and label translation services.

Under the Thai FDA law, cosmetic products are commonly referred as “personal care products”. That list includes, for example, skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations, shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors, some toothpastes, and deodorants. These products have to be registered at Food and Drug Administration of Ministry of Public Health (Thai FDA) to ensure that they are safe for the consumer.

Thailand Cosmetic Registration

The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand is responsible for the consumer health protection by ensuring the safety of the products are sold in the country. The Thai FDA Law classifies cosmetic products into the two categories based on the ingredients content of cosmetics:

  • Controlled Cosmetics: cosmetics that contained controlled ingredients will require product notification to Food and Drug Administration before getting permission to be put on the market.
  • Specially Controlled Cosmetics: cosmetics that contained specially controlled ingredients. Required to obtain FDA registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for Thai FDA registration for skincare products, you need to prepare following documents*:

  • Certificate of manufacturer
  • Certificate of ingredients
  • The document certifies that the product has been validated
  • Invoice
  • Air way bill or B/L

*Is a subject of change according to the latest amendments to the Thai FDA law. For the actual information, please consult with our manager.

The time frame required for filing product registration application and receiving registration certificates with the Thai FDA, starts from a one week, and may take longer, depending on the products type.

Yes. Our head office is located in Thailand, and additionally we also offer FDA registration in Myanmar, Vietnam, China and Cambodia.

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